Family day around Helbronner

I spent a day with two very nice families and my collegue Quentin around Helbronner above Courmayeur (Italy).

We wanted to do an easy mountaineering day for the 10 of them : daddys, mummys and very motivated teenagers (and even « twentynagers » !) to enjoy a beautiful view and the sun : Helbronner was the perfect place for this program !

As the wind was quite chilly, the stops were short, but it allowed us to reach the beautiful Vallée Blanche point of vue located under the Dent du Géant. The view here is amazing, with a 360° view on Mont Blanc, Aiguille du Midi…

After this cruising morning on the glaciers, we found a perfect place under Marbrées ridge to practice snow exercices.

Stopping oneself’s or somebody else’s fall on a snow slope, pulling up somebody from a (fake) crevasse using a pulley…

Everybody was very efficient and did a great job !

Thank you all for the smiles all-day long and your very positive energy !

Hiking on the glacier, Dent du Géant in the back-ground.

Beautiful view on the Mont Blanc...

3 Monts (Mont Blanc, Mont Maudit, Mont Blanc du Tacul)


Sliding and stopping.

Digging a dead-man.

Rescuing somebody from a crevasse.



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