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Mont Blanc Express

This 4 days-Mont Blanc course first looked complicated with a bad forecast weather.

I met Philippe and Edward at the Compagnie des Guides in Chamonix, and the plan was to try to reach the summit through the 3-mounts route.

The conditions seemed not good enough to me, and we decided we'd try it through the Gouter route.

Wa had a day practicing on Pointes Lachenal before and then we had to go for a try on the Mont Blanc.

Philippe finally changed his mind because of an uncertain weather on the second day, so I met only Edward on the Saturday morning in les Houches.

We took the cable car then the train to Nid d’Aigle, 2300 meters high.

A good path led us to Tête Rousse hut, and we then had to cross the famous Gouter gully, a quite dangerous but very short section.

We then scrambled up the ridge until the Gouter hut.

It was only 12 AM when we arrived, so I suggested to Edward we should try to go to the summit after a good rest at the hut as the weather was told to be bad on the following day.

He was surprised, but he agreed immediatly !

Edward is in a so perfect shape that I never had to wait for him ! It took us less than 3 hours from the hut to the summit, and we did that way talking together almost all the time!

Don’t expect to do the summit in such a short time, it is very unusual !!!

We ran up, then down, and finally went back to the hut for the dinner, before 7 PM !

What a nice way to do the Mont Blanc !!! Thank you Edward, I appreciated it.

The day after was in the clouds and the wind, and we also had some rain on our way down.

Congratulations Edward for your first Mont Blanc, 4810 meters high, and also for the incredible way we did it !

2500 meters elevation in a single day at that altitude… you rock !

First day with Edward and Philippe, Aiguille du Midi ridge.

Approaching the Pointes Lachenal.

Dent du Géant and Grandes Jorasses in the background.

Pointes Lachenal.

On our way back to l'Aiguille du Midi.

Reaching the new Gouter hut.

Edward surprised and happy with the new plan!

Climbing the Dome du Gouter above the hut.

The "Bosses" ridge going to the summit of the Mont Blanc, 4810m.

Almost there !!!

Yay Edward!

Edward and me standing on the Mont Blanc.

Happy mountaineer!

Going back down to the Gouter hut.


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